(My favourite kind of present!)

When I was thinking of present ideas that my three year old “pest” could give to his daddy for Father’s Day, I decided that with all my recent chatter of tidying and decluttering I would set myself a challenge to find him a present that he will not only like but that will also serve a greater purpose! Killing two messy birds with one stone.

Here are some ideas of Father’s Day presents that discourage chaos…

TV Remote Control Tidy – A perfect hint to keep the lounge tidy!

TV Tools – http://www.gizoo.co.uk – £14.95

Gadget Bags – A fab answer to tidying up all those cables or headphones or travel adaptors that men often accumulate.

Personalised Gadget Bag – http://www.notonthehighstreet.com – £7.50

Gift Voucher – A great minimalist’s present. By giving any kind of gift voucher you avoid bringing more tat into an already cluttered house!

Racing Experience – http://www.johnlewis.co.uk – £120.00

Solar powered phone charger – Those of us who live in chaos can frequently find our phone has run out of juice at a crucial moment….problem solved!!

Pocket Solar Charger – http://www.gizoo.co.uk – £34.95

Oak Desk Tidy – A stylish and personalised solution to the mess that Mr Chaos creates every day when he empties his pockets after work of coins, receipts and keys.  It would also mean he wouldn’t need to hunt for those same coins, receipts and keys every morning too!

Personalised Oak Cog Desk Tidy – http://www.notonthehighstreet.com – £55.00

I suppose if I’m the Chaos Queen, he’s my Chaos King….

Daddy Rules Mug – http://www.notonthehighstreet.com – £9.00

I’ll post pictures of what we picked next Sunday!