Cookware and cleaning gadget specialist Lakeland have a 60% sale running at the moment. Although they sell a lot of fancy gizmos that might as well have “kitchen cupboard clutter” written all over them, they also sell some real gems that are great time-savers. Anything that makes it quicker for me to keep the house tidy and clean and is in the sale is a winner with me!

Here are few items that I’ve popped in my virtual shopping basket…

Magic Mitt – was £6.99, now £2.79. I love e-cloths, they make dusting super-easy and mean that I don’t use as many cleaning chemicals and sprays. Just a bit of water, and you’re away. This one has three cloths on the one mitt – dusting, polishing and glass. I’m going to get a few and have one upstairs and one downstairs.

Magic Mitt – £2.79 – Lakeland

Ostrich Feather Duster – was £13.99, now £9.99. People in the know (the Fly Lady included) claim that ostrich feather dusters are the best for trapping dust and cobwebs, much better than their synthetic cousins. We live in quite an old cottage with many an eight-legged lodger, so I’m forever spotting cobwebs all over the place. I’m hoping this is going to be much better at getting rid of them.

Ostrich Feather Duster – £9.99 – Lakeland

Wardrobe Buddy – was £9.99, now £4.99. My wardrobe is a mess and I’ve got handbags all over the shop, I think this will really help introduce a bit more order. It’s got eight pockets and will be perfect to store handbags, belts and scarves.

Wardrobe Buddy – £4.99 – Lakeland

Small Collapsible Strainer – was £9.99, now £3.99.  Inspired by a post this week on the great foodie blog Crumbs, I’m thinking I could do with another much smaller colander for all the little handfulls of fruit I seem to wash through the day rather than using my big one all the time. This one also doubles as a seive and is collapsible to boot.

Small Collapsible Strainer – £3.99 – Lakeland

Mason Cash Large Mixing Bowl – was £16.99, now £9.99. Now I know this isn’t going to help me clean or tidy the house quicker, but I just love Mason Cash bowls. Good old proper mixing bowls, like the ones my grandmother has. Love it in cream too!

Mason Cash Large Mixing Bowl – £9.99 – Lakeland

Cable Snap – was £8.99 now £3.49.  What a bargain! You get a pack of five for that price too. These should be really handy in our home office stuck on the back of our desk (wouldn’t want them stuck on the table top) to hold all the various cables and chargers, saving us digging round the back to find the right one.

Cable Snap – £3.49 – Lakeland

Phew! With all that lot I’ll also qualify for free delivery (free for any order over £30.00)!