Inspired by a number of great ideas on Pinterest and frustrated by the piles of paperwork collecting on my kitchen surfaces, I have decided to try a couple of very quick and easy DIY projects this week to create some useful notice boards.

This first one is specifically for the fancy invites and pretty notes that collect around the place, the ones that I’m happy to show off. I often lose wedding invites and have to ring up my friends to get hold of the details. Well, not any more! My second notice board (which I’ll post about next week) is going to be bigger, behind one of our cupboard doors and will be for the more functional scraps of paper that I’d rather hide away.


The notice board has been created using an old silver tray that I bought on eBay (I won it for £8.00!). I wanted one with a bit of embellishment, and am really chuffed with it.


We drilled holes in the middle (keep the holes nearer the centre, they’ll be easier to cover up with your invites etc) and screwed it on to the wall.


I have used some beautiful magnets which I bought via Etsy from a UK-based seller called Kitzie G. The magnets cost just over £8.00 plus postage for seven, they came beautifully packaged and go so well with our kitchen’s colour scheme. I knew I didn’t want ceramic magnets because I was worried they’d break if they fell on to the work-surface. The ones from Kitzie G are like little badges so will withstand my clumsiness.


I’m a very average type of gal. Not very creative. Not very practical. Not great at taking pictures. But I like to give things a shot and I want to add a few more personal touches around my house, so I picked this project because I reckoned even I couldn’t mess it up. Hopefully you’ll agree that I haven’t!

The photos I have taken probably don’t do it justice. The one I found on Pinterest that gave me the idea in the first place is a much nicer photo, and you’ll have to take my word for it that mine looks just as good (or pop round for a cuppa to have a look, just give me advanced warning so I can do some crisis cleaning!). As you can see from the picture, two trays look fab together – perhaps we may do that in the future, but I’m not sure we get enough fancy invites!

Idea for silver tray noticeboard via Pinterest

(The pin on Pinterest says that the original link came from, but when I click on it I can’t find the post.)

I’d love to hear what you think it.  Check back later in the week for more notice board ideas or next week for our second quick kitchen notice board project. I’ve also got a board on Pinterest with more DIY notice board ideas.