….are you sensing a theme here?! I’ve had such good feedback on my last two posts about a couple of quick DIY projects we’ve done to install notice boards in our kitchen, that I thought you might enjoy seeing how other bloggers have done-it-themselves. (Any excuse to trawl Pinterest, hey?!)

All look great and most look quite easy to make…

DIY burlap notice board with metal pin border from iVllage.com

Chicken wire and a painted frame from LemonadeMakinMama.com

Framed baking tray covered in fabric from brownpaper–packages.com

Painted baking tray notice board from dumpaday.com

Wine corks stuck on to a frame from simplyem.blogspot.com

Ikea cork trivets as notice board from ikeahackers.net

Burlap behind the glass creates a rewritable board from jillruth.com

Plenty of inspiration which could suit all sorts of home decor styles. There are more ideas on my Pinterest boards – just click on the link to the right of the page to follow me. Tomorrow I’ll post some of my favourite notice boards that are available to buy, then I promise I won’t mention notice boards for another few weeks!