On Friday I blogged about my attempts to properly declutter my house and mentioned that I may sell any old mobile phones that I come across hidden in one of my many junk drawers via an online site. Well, scrap that idea!

I was reading the fantastic blog The Ramblings of a Former Rock ‘n’ Roll Mum over the weekend and she mentioned a current Kids Company campaign that is being supported by Netmums. “Mobiles for Meals” is encouraging people to donate their old, unused or even broken mobile phones. Orange and T-Mobile will then recycle them and pass on the cash to the Kids Company so they can help the staggering one million children in the UK who are living with “food insecurity” (they don’t know where their next meal is coming from).

You can read more about the campaign on the Netmums website. It has details of how you can donate any phones you or your family have cluttering up your house (via any Orange or T-Mobile branch or by printing off a freepost label).

This is definitely what I will be doing with any old phones I find.