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After discovering how amazing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are to help clean stubborn stains in a toilet, I have been trying out the dynamite duo (quite literally – watch them fizz when they get mixed together!) on other cleaning jobs. Anything that speeds up cleaning is a winner in my books. Here are three ideas that really work…..

Fridge deodoriser – I’ve got a little pot of bicarbonate of soda sitting in my fridge, and am pretty sure it’s working well. Can’t smell anything whiffy anyway! Apparently one small pot works well for about three months, just shake it up every now and again. One blog reader commented on the toilet cleaning post about a friend recommending using bicarb to deodorise cat litter trays too.

Floor cleaner – I’ve got a steam floor cleaner and have previously added a splash of shop-bought floor cleaner into the water, but found it left streaks. I’ve started adding white vinegar instead and it definitely helps cut through dirty marks but doesn’t streak. It does leave a bit of a whiff of vinegar, but honestly it subsides in a couple of minutes.

Limescale Remover – I read about this on Pinterest…..the home of multiple vinegar tips! I used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda on our shower head this week to shift a build-up of limescale, and it made quite a good job. I’ve been reluctant to use anything super strong on my shower in case it tarnished the chrome coating, but our water is really hard and it was starting to look ugly. You just pop a cup of white vinegar in a freezer bag along with about half a cup of bicarbonate of soda, put the shower head in the bag and secure with an elastic bag. Leave it overnight and then give it a bit of a scrub in the morning. It needed a little bit more of a scrub than I had hoped, but we’re talking about quite a build-up here. I’m really pleased with the result, and because it’s more gentle than chemical cleaners will definitely be doing it on a more regular basis.

There are hundreds of ways you can use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda round the home (or so Pinterest tells me!), and I am ploughing my way through them. I’ll only recommend the ones that I think actually work. I’d love to hear any of your own tips…..


Okay…so blogging about cleaning my toilet on a Saturday morning isn’t very Rock and Roll.

But as I am a lazy girl on a quest for the quickest and easiest ways to get my house clean and tidy, I had to share this tip with any other like-minded slatterns out there. Then we can all go and do something suitably Rock and Roll this afternoon. Agreed?

We had a new en suite fitted last year which I love. However, we have such hard water it is becoming a real headache trying to keep all my chrome bits and pieces sparkly and new-looking. The toilet has been even worse to tackle. There has been a horrible limescale line that has formed just above the water mark which nothing has shifted. I have seriously tried every type of toilet cleaner and bleach on the market over the last few months with no avail.

I’d heard about how great vinegar is as an all purpose, non-toxic and low cost cleaner before but have always preferred the thought of a nice lemony disinfectant spray rather than my house smelling like a bag of chips. But this week I thought I would give the vinegar a shot.

I popped one cup of white wine vinegar in the toilet bowl followed by the whole 180g tub of bicarbonate of soda. (As you can see from the picture, I grabbed what I had in the cupboard which was from Waitrose – you can definitely get them cheaper, which I will now I’m going to start regularly pouring them down the toilet! But even with the “vair naice” Waitrose labels this still only cost me £1.45)

My new best friends!

Don’t go too crazy on quantities as the mix of the two products creates quite a chemical reaction, and you don’t want a foam volcano to add to your list of cleaning jobs.

It’s best to leave it in the toilet overnight but I was too impatient to see that it hadn’t worked and prove that nothing was ever going to shift the marks, so I left it in the toilet for only about 30 minutes. With one wipe, the mark just disappeared. It had done the trick!

Now I’m not saying I have been fully converted to exclusively cleaning au naturel, it is more important to me to find products that make my life easier and cut cleaning time down. And I probably will still use normal toilet cleaners occasionally because I like the way they make the bathrooms smell. But it is difficult to argue with such a cheap solution that has the added benefits that it isn’t harmful to children, pets, the environment and not packed with chemicals.

I’ve started to research where else vinegar and bicarbonate of soda knocks socks off the chemical alternatives. I’ll let you know (once I’ve sobered up from my Rock and Roll afternoon of course!).