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Is this the best idea you’ve ever seen (or even mildly helpful!) or the naffest? I can’t quite decide….

Clean Heels Heel Stoppers. £6.99.

I’m talking about the heel protectors here, by the way – not the shoes!

We’re slap-bang in the middle of wedding season, and now that the weather has perked up there’ll be plenty of opportunities to “take drinks on the lawn”. I hate standing there, sipping champagne trying to look glam whilst your heels slowly sink in to the ground. Worse still, is when you start to walk off and you lose one of your shoes as it is still stuck in the grass. I’m the girl that happens to. (I’m also the girl at the wedding who comes out of the ladies with toilet roll trailing on her shoe, and I’m the one who accidentally spills drink on the bride’s dress when giving a congratulatory hug. Sophisticated to the core!)

Surely these are the perfect solution? If you just kept a pair of these in your bag and then slipped them on your heels should you need to? Obviously you’d need to remember to take them off your shoes as soon as you got off the grass; they’d look pretty hideous otherwise.

What do you think? For £6.99 a pop, I thought I would try them out at the next wedding I’m going to. Or would I look less of a fool if I just fell over on the lawn?


This blog is turning into a search for all things that make life easier. Whilst this bath oil doesn’t necessarily make my life easier, it certainly helps me feel a bit calmer so I wanted to share my recommendation with you guys.

A friend of mine bought me a bottle of Neal’s Yard Remedies Mothers Bath Oil during my last pregnancy and I loved it. I’m not a massive fan of baths normally, but when pregnant and immediately after birth they’re a great way to ease the aches and pains. This oil is safe to use throughout pregnancy and post-partum.  It combines bergamot, ylang ylang and lavender oil so is super relaxing and soothing, and as with most of Neal’s Yard products the ingredients are organic and natural. When I was recovering from giving birth last time, I also added a couple of drops of tea tree oil and a bit of salt in to the bath water to help the healing process even more.

Neal’s Yard Mothers Bath Oil. £14.60. Available online and from Neal’s Yard stores and stockists nationwide.

A bottle of this would make a great present for a pregnant friend, a new mum or anyone else who loves a good bath. At £14.60 for a 100ml bottle, it’s not cheap but great as a treat. As I’m nearing the end of my second pregnancy, I can vouch that it really is worth it!

(Neal’s Yard Remedies have a sale on at the moment where you can buy one and get one half price, and they sell online which is great if like me you don’t live near a store.)