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I recently read a great post on a parenting blog called “3 Children and It”, where Suzanne recommended writing a “To Don’t List”.

It was a revelation to me. I am forever writing “To Do Lists”, but had never heard of the opposite sort.  A “To Don’t List” should serve as a reminder to focus your priorities where it really matters. It makes perfect sense to acknowledge those things we don’t need to do, can’t be arsed with or should really avoid.  By deciding what not to do, it frees up time and space to tackle the important things.

So I’ve written my own “To Don’t List”. These are the things I think life is just too short to bother about and those I need to feel less guilty about not having the time (read: inclination) to sort.  I’ve also included a few things I do that I shouldn’t – after all, I do want to get organised and become tidier so there are some lazy habits I need to shake.


1. Make the bed.  I hate changing the sheets on our massive bed with its heavy Tempur mattress. It takes my much taller and stronger husband half the time to do it, so this is one chore I can save entirely for him. Play to your strengths, people!

2. Watch a soap opera ever again. Until last year I watched most of the soaps. Somehow I got out of the habit and it is liberating having those extra hours in the evening. I love not knowing if Phil Mitchell is banged up, drunk, a junkie or dead.

3. Iron knickers, towels or sheets. Much to my Mum’s disapproval, I definitely think life is too short to iron towels or bed-sheets (unless she’s coming to stay!).  I’m also pretty confident that my knickers are perfectly hygienic without giving the gusset a good blast with a steam iron – regardless of what Mum says.

4. Lie in past 9am. Although I can count on one hand the amount of nights my son has slept all the way through until a civilised hour over the past three years, I have learnt that annoyingly lie-ins and me don’t mix.  If I ever get a lie-in I wake up feeling groggy, guilty and worse than if I’d been awake since 6am. In the future I’m going to politely decline any rare offer of a lie-in, but suggest a child-free afternoon instead. Bliss.

5. Eat after 7pm.  Since starting to eat earlier with my son, I have realised how much healthier I feel when I don’t eat late.  It is so much better for your digestion, and frees up the evening too.  On the days I’m in late from work, I make myself a light snack and try to avoid carbs. I also never want to get into the habit of cooking more than one meal for the family, sounds like far too much hassle.

6. Aimlessly surf the web.  I can lose hours checking out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, news sites, forums. Now I try to use the internet with more focus.  I only read news sites when I’m having breakfast, use Pinterest in the evening and have been setting an online time limit to focus my attention when I’m on social media.  Avoiding using my laptop (other than to use Microsoft Office) or iPad during my days off is working for me too and I can use my iPhone to check things quickly.

7. Spend all day in my pyjamas. Don’t worry – I’m not that woman who goes to Tescos in her slippers and I don’t do the school run in my nightie! But I find I get so much more done if I have a shower, get dressed, do my hair and make up as soon as I get up.

8. Turn the TV on as soon as I enter the room. This is such a bad habit and distraction, and one that really robs me off time. With Sky+ (or similar hard-disc recording system), I don’t have an excuse to have the TV on unless I have the time to sit and watch a particular programme.

9. Prioritise boring chores over family time. My husband works long hours and is often away during the week, so our weekends are precious as it is the only time we get to have fun as a unit. Inevitably there are jobs, housework and chores that we need to do at the weekend, but I want to get organised during the week, so that we can relax all together as much as possible.


I really recommend writing your own “To Don’t List”, it’s could be a way to acknowledge unproductive behaviour, lose the guilt and stop putting pressure on yourself. Thanks again to Suzanne on the “3 Children and It” blog!


In my last post I promised to showcase a few of the best notice boards on sale at the moment. Here are a selection of the prettiest and most useful ones I’ve found online recently suiting all budgets.


Floral Memo Board. £28.00.

Large Steel Magnetic Board. £89.00.

Butterfly Memo Board. £10.00.

Magnetic Fridge Chalkboard. £8.95.

Framed Vintage Rose Magnetic Notice Board. £47.99.

Magnetic Notice Board. £85.00.

Let me know what you think!

….are you sensing a theme here?! I’ve had such good feedback on my last two posts about a couple of quick DIY projects we’ve done to install notice boards in our kitchen, that I thought you might enjoy seeing how other bloggers have done-it-themselves. (Any excuse to trawl Pinterest, hey?!)

All look great and most look quite easy to make…

DIY burlap notice board with metal pin border from

Chicken wire and a painted frame from

Framed baking tray covered in fabric from brownpaper–

Painted baking tray notice board from

Wine corks stuck on to a frame from

Ikea cork trivets as notice board from

Burlap behind the glass creates a rewritable board from

Plenty of inspiration which could suit all sorts of home decor styles. There are more ideas on my Pinterest boards – just click on the link to the right of the page to follow me. Tomorrow I’ll post some of my favourite notice boards that are available to buy, then I promise I won’t mention notice boards for another few weeks!

I mentioned in last week’s post that I intended on making a notice board to fit inside one of our kitchen doors. I’ve been in need of a hidden notice board to hold all the usual household admin that tends to collect in piles all over my kitchen surfaces. I’m on a mission to cut out as much clutter as possible to give me less things to tidy and make it quicker to clean – this notice board is the answer to all my prayers and is going to change my life*.

*slight exaggeration!

I’ll level with you right at the start that I’m stretching the truth when calling this a “quick” project. It took me about three hours (not including paint drying time) and there are definitely ways you could speed the process up and get a similar outcome, but I’m happy with the way it’s turned out.



I picked a door in our kitchen that hides our washing machine and washing powder etc. It’s actually an old stable door that we salvaged and re-used when we had a new kitchen fitted last year. I chose that door as we don’t really have any other suitable cupboards in the kitchen, and it’s provided quite a large space for the board.

I wanted a cork board because we’ll want to pin things on that are quite heavy (calendar etc.) that wouldn’t be held by magnets. I knew it needed to be “made to measure” rather than a bought one to maximise the space, and I didn’t want to go au naturel with the cork so chose to paint it.

So here’s how I did it:

I bought some cork floor tiles from Wickes (the only DIY store I could find that still sell them, clearly a throw-back product from the 1970s!). You can buy online from eBay too. I needed two packs (£8.99 each) as you need to double the cork tiles up so that the pins don’t go all the way through. And I used a tube of Instant Grab Adhesive (£1.88). So this little project cost me a grand total of £19.86.


I cut the tiles to fit with a Stanley Knife (be sure to use a sharp blade and cut all the way through for a clean edge). Making sure I applied the adhesive right to the edges, it was just a case of sticking them on to the door.





I painted the second layer of cork tiles with a spare tester pot of paint I found in our garage, and then stuck those on top. A voilà!


I’m not actually sure I’ll keep that colour paint. I may paint over it with a more vibrant colour; it could probably do with a second coat of paint now it is in situ anyway.

Again another super simple and cheap DIY project which anyone could do, and one more step on the path away from chaos!